Saturday, September 04, 2004

couple hours later

are you ever involved in a million things but wonder why? i feel as if i'm not doing anything productive with myself. needless to say that this observation is of course relative to what i would say is "being productive"... alles ist relatif... i am in love with the German language. my passions lie in helping those in need. i also have passions that lie in travel and red wine and the german language. what is this fascination i have? i got upset with my boyfriend yesterday because he speaks english, and english only. i didn't tell him he made me upset, but now that i think about it, maybe i should have... but why? what would i get out of telling him that i wish he spoke another language? he could reply with... well, i wish you had bigger breasts... who knows. larry doesn't talk like that. i think i'll take a nap.

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Aisha said...

crap! i pressed the button twice! xtra entry. i guess it really doesn't matter.